09.12.13 — “Feel This Way” by Tangerine


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Feel This Way” by Tangerine (2013, from the Radical Blossom EP).

Tangerine is an indie pop quartet from Seattle. They formed last autumn, and while they’re still technically an unsigned band, they’ve been enjoying a lot of buzz on the interwebs. The band released an EP —Radical Blossom— on Saturday August 31, and it’s already making waves. Lots of other like-minded music bloggers have already been all over this band, and I’m just a little bit late arriving to the party.

This landed in my inbox this morning, and after the reviews that I read, the mail bag submission, and especially after listening to the song again, I knew that I had to make this the song of the day.

This guy right here absolutely crushes a short review of this same song. I remember happening upon this review last week as I was making my final Hopscotch preparations, and I loved the review even before I heard the song.

Here’s the song:
“Feel This Way” by Tangerine

Even if you don’t read Everett True’s short review (and I highly recommend it), here’s the final few sentences:

Every time I play it, I want to play it even more. I want to play it in double time, triplicate, stop after 3 seconds and play it immediately, stop after 30 minutes and play it instantly.

Everything about this. Everything.

Tell everyone.

Earlier in the review, True likened the band to Camera Obscura (among others), and I totally get that. Actually, for my money, they’re much more like The Concretes than Camera Obscura. They’re that, and a bunch of other bands. With a bit more “fun” thrown in.

I loke the vocal harmonies from the sisters Marika and Miro. I love the warmth of it. I love the treble-y guitars. I love the way it starts off with some warbly, pitch-shifted guitar. This is totally a late-summer anthem, and while I typically hate summer, I love the late-summer/early autumn transition.

Somewhere around 2:40, the song starts to build some tempo and volume and it gets a bit Pavement-y in its controlled chaos. Treble way up high. Drums crisp, clear, and busy. But out of that, I think my favorite bit of the whole song is when it comes to a bit of a stop at 2:55. Most of it drops out, and it’s a quiet, melodic guitar, the lovely vocal harmony and the much more restrained drums. It’s like making an impossibly smooth shift from fifth gear to first.

To repeat what Everett True said: “Everything about this. Everything”.

In case you need some more convincing, try this video:

You can buy a physical or digital copy of the band’s EP from the Swoon Records web store here.

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