09.16.13 — “White Brick Walls” by Ether Aura

Ether Aura

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “White Brick Walls” by Ether Aura (2007, from the album Before We Could Sing).

Ether Aura was a shoegaze-y/dream-pop band from Detroit. They were active in the aughts, and they released just two records — 2005’s Crash and 2007’s Before We Could Sing— before moving in a different direction and starting anew as a separate band.

I didn’t know this band when they were active, and I didn’t know that they even existed until a couple of hours ago while I was doing some research on something else.

Based on the three or four songs that I’ve heard, if you asked me to compare Ether Aura to something, I’d say that they remind me a lot of most of the stuff from the Bedazzled Records label in the late 1990s. Dark, fuzzy, foggy, light, and dreamy all at once. Thick drums. Fuzzy guitars. Lighter than ether female vox. It’s dressed in black and smoking unfiltered cigarettes.

I might also compare Ether Aura to the splendid California shoegaze that was embodied by Medicine. Incidentally, yesterday (September 15) was the 21st anniversary of the release of Medicine’s landmark album Shot Forth Self Living.

With those things in mind, here’s a live audio version of Ether Aura playing “White Brick Walls”:

If you’re into motion pictures, here’s a live video of the same song. Maybe from the same performance:

The wailing siren of the one guitar. The fuzziness of the other. The sludge of the bass. The thickness of the drums. The sweetness and light of the vocals. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

How in the world did I miss the boat on this? My only excuse is that during the years 2004-2008, I sort of stopped gobbling up new music. I missed a lot of things.

I’ve just now listened to this song something like six times in a row, and I can’t stop hitting “back”. I can’t stop hitting “volume up”.

I haven’t looked into it at all, but when Ether Aura fizzled out, the core members Tony Hamera and Kate Hinote branched out and started a gothic folk band called The Blueflowers.

You can get Before We Could Sing from any of the legal downloading places such as eMusic, or you can get it from the amazon store here.

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