09.17.13 — “Melancholy” by We Need Secrets

Chad Peck (We Need Secrets)

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Melancholy” by We Need Secrets (2014, from the forthcoming album Melancholy and the Archive).

We Need Secrets is a solo recording project of shoegazer Chad Peck, who hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He’s been recording songs in his bedroom studio for a few years and releasing them via Noyes Records, which he founded in 2005. “Melancholy” was released in 2012 on the b-side of a split 7″ single with Sea Glasses on the a-side. There were just 300 physical copies of the 7″ record pressed, but it’s also available digitally.

I first learned about We Need Secrets when they were announced as one of the new additions to the already stellar lineup over at the fantastic Texas-based label Saint Marie Records. They’ve got a couple more releases scheduled for the end of this year, and a bunch of new and exciting stuff coming in early 2014. The debut full-length album by We Need Secrets will be one of those new and exciting releases. Tonight’s song will be the first song on the forthcoming record.

The first few seconds of tonight’s song convinced me that I’m a big fan. It’s easy to use tired clichés about that seminal Irish shoegazing band, but when I listened to tonight’s song, I hear something more like a mix of Dinosaur Jr and Painful-era Yo La Tengo. At least the first side of Painful, anyway.

Here’s tonight’s song:

“Melancholy” by We Need Secrets

In particular, I’m reminded of the towering Yo La Tengo song “From a Motel 6”. Because of the buckets of fuzz on the guitar. While you don’t want to sleep in a Motel 6, you can do a whole lot worse than writing a song that reminds people of “From a Motel 6”.

As a little bonus, here’s a video for the same song. Like the music, the video also harkens back to a style from the 1990s.

Melancholy – by We Need Secrets from Daniel MacDonald on Vimeo.

Melancholy and the Archive won’t be out until sometime in early 2014, but for now, you can buy a digital copy of “Melancholy” from the Soundcloud page here.

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