09.21.13 — “Darkness is a Color” by Star Horse

Star Horse

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Darkness is a Color” by Star Horse (2013, from the Devour EP).

Star Horse is a shoegaze band from Stockholm. After the Crush EP last autumn and the Lust EP this spring, they just released a new EP —Devour— yesterday.

I had never heard of Star Horse until I got an email from them last night. I get a lot of stuff from a lot of different people promising that I’m gonna love their record. I so rarely do. I’m a little less excited about emails that make promises than I used to be. I like to wait for the music to speak for itself. However, I have to admit that the email grabbed me. In part, it said:

Since you seem to be passionate about things that gaze, we’d love you to hear our new EP Devour while finding the way out from the endless maze of your shoelaces.

I got a chuckle out of that, and when I finally got around to following the soundcloud and YouTube links, I liked it all. There’s no doubt that the members of this band like The Jesus and Mary Chain. A lot.

While it isn’t the song of the day, you should check out the video for the Star Horse song “Hope To Feel a Hand”, which is quite a bit like the JAMC song “Taste of Cindy”.

Tonight’s song is more like a combination of JAMC and the slightly harder Swervedriver. And some other tasty shoegazey stuff.
This is that song.

“Darkness is a Color” by Star Horse

It’s so fuzzy. So scuzzy. So sludgy. I love it.

You can buy a digital copy of Devour from the band’s bandcamp page for only $3 USD.

This one, like a lot of songs this calendar year, came straight from the mail bag. If you’re a band, a label, a PR firm, or anything like that, please send me stuff. I like soundcloud and bandcamp links. I really like downloads. I love physical copies. Click on the “mail bag” tab at the top of the page to get my electronic and physical mailing addresses.

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