09.25.13 — “West Coast” by Morgan Doctor

Morgan Doctor

If you only listen to one song today, make it “West Coast” by Morgan Doctor (2013, from the album Major Over Minor).

Morgan Doctor is a drummer and ambient electronic multi-instrumentalist who is originally from Los Angeles. As an accomplished session drummer who can play just about any style of music, she’s been living and working in Toronto for the last sixteen years. As a session musician, she’s recorded some stuff that you’ve heard in teevee shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The L Word. As a touring musician, she’s played with a bunch of well-known acts including Ron Sexsmith. She’s been a full-time member of a couple of bands, and she’s released three solo albums.

On her first two solo records, Morgan worked with vocalists who were allowed to write their own lyrics. Her new album —Major Over Minor— was released in May of this year, and it’s her first purely instrumental album. Since it’s just her and the music, it’s also her most personal and her most revelatory album.

I’ve listened to all of Major Over Minor a couple of times. It’s very ambient and low-key, which she says goes hand-in-hand with yoga, which she practices and teaches. In her “spare time”, she also teaches girls at a Toronto rock camp. Morgan Doctor stays busy, to say the least.

I’d never heard of her until I got something from her in the mailbag today, encouraging me to post “West Coast”. It didn’t take long at all for me to decide that I like it.

This is that song.
“West Coast” by Morgan Doctor

Something about the intro is reminiscent of “Inertia Creeps” by Massive Attack. I’m not a big fan of Massive Attack, but I’m a huge fan of their album Mezzanine because Liz Fraser contributed to it. It doesn’t stay all Massive Attack-y very long. It’s much more late 1990s Toronto than that. Much more post-rock instrumental. It seems like Charles Spearin (of K.C. Accidental, and Do Make Say Think, and Broken Social Scene) should have his fingerprints on this somewhere. There are other musicians on the album, and I would bet that Morgan Doctor and Charles Spearin know one another, but he’s not on her new record.

I highly recommend buying an album download from the Morgan Doctor bandcamp page.

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