09.30.13 — “World Inside Your Head” by Cull


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “World Inside Your Head” by Cull (2013, from the “World Inside Your Head” single).

Cull is a dream-pop quartet from Sydney. I had never heard of them until this morning, when I got something in the mail bag about them. From what I can gather, the four members used to play in other bands, and they got this project going sometime late last year. They’ve been working on some stuff, recording in a home studio, and trying to put the finishing touches on an EP Bà nôi. In case you need to know, “Bà nôi” is Vietnamese for “paternal grandmother”.

I’ve listened to a few other songs by this band, and tonight’s song is a pretty good representation of what Cull is. With one pretty big deviation. For this song, they’ve teamed up with vocalist Alex Cameron, who plays violin and sings in another Sydney band, Cogel.

Everybody knows how much I love the particular brand of dream pop that has a bit of shoegaze in it. And that’s what Cull is. Everybody also knows that I’m much more inclined to like it if it has coed vocals. By adding Alex Cameron to the mix, that’s what they’ve got.

Here’s tonight’s song:
“World Inside Your Head” by Cull

I love how gauzy the guitars and keys are, and how bright everything is. It’s easy to enshroud this kind of thing in heavy fog and blackness. Purple and heavy. Instead, this seems like a very thin layer of fog and warm lights. Pale blue and light.

This reminds me of the time of year when winter gives way to spring. It’s my second favorite time of year.

For extra credit, check out the video that the band made for the song:

You can download the “World Inside Your Head” single from iTunes via the band’s soundcloud page. Be on the lookout for Bà nôi soon.

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