10.08.13 — “Fallen Stars” by SPC ECO

Rose Berlin

If you only listen to one song and watch one accompanying video today, make it “Fallen Stars” by SPC ECO (2013, from the forthcoming album Sirens and Satellites).

SPC ECO (pronounced “Space Echo”) is a shoegaze/dream pop/electronic band from England. I’m a big fan of this band, whose primary members are Dean Garcia (Curve, Blurred City Lights) and his daughter, Rose Berlin. They work with dozens of collaborators including a small handful of regular contributors, but the band is all about Dean and Rose.

They started making music in 2007 when Rose must have only been a teenager, and have just released their fourth proper album Sirens and Satellites. Technically, it’s not out yet, but they’ve “pre-released” it, and although the official release date is October 28, you can buy a digital copy right now from the bandcamp page for what amounts to $11 USD. I’m assuming that physical copies will be made available on October 28.

I’ve written about SPC ECO before, way back in the early days of the blog. You can and should read that post for more of the biographical information and backstory. I won’t bother you with it a second time.

I got a preview copy of Sirens and Satellites, and I have to say that it’s absolutely amazing. In rare moments, it’s a little too electro for my liking, but it’s absolutely astonishing. My favorite thing that they’ve done to date.

Without further ado, I’ll just share today’s song, in all of its perfect blend of dream pop bliss and shoegaze-y goodness:

“Fallen Stars” by SPC ECO

I love everything about this. From the immediate, crushing wave of fuzz to the subtle wailing siren effect on one of the guitars, to Rose Berlin’s perfectly dreamy vocals, to the intoxicating rhythm.

And if, for some reason, you still need some convincing, this video should do the trick:

I love the cinematic slow motion and the close-ups of Rose Berlin. I like the windy-ness of it. Although it would have cost them thousands more, I wish they had brought in a rain machine instead of dousing her with buckets of water. Just a slight criticism about a video that I really do like. And a song that I love.

The full album is quite good, and I highly recommend that you head on over to the bandcamp page to buy your own copy.

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