10.16.13 — “Limit” by Spaceships


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Limit” by Spaceships (2013, from the album Cool Breeze Over The Mountains).

Spaceships is a lo-fi noise-pop duo from Los Angeles. Jessie Waite (vocals, guitar) and Kevin LaRose (drums) have been trying for several years to form a band together. They have, according to their bio, started two previous bands together, and neither of them worked out. Third time is a charm, I guess.

They released a self-titled EP last year and their full-length debut Cool Breeze Over The Mountains in August of this year. The name of the album is a reference to the English translation of Keanu Reeves’ first name, which is Hawaiian. Reeves was born in Lebanon and is a Canadian citizen, but his biological father was of Hawaiian heritage, and his mother is English. Apparently, the band are big fans of the actor.

Because of their high energy, the fuzzy guitar, and Waite’s reverb-laden vocals, they’ve been favorably compared to Guided By Voices. Because they’re a female-fronted two-piece from California playing lo-fi noise/garage pop, I guess another logical comparison would be Best Coast. Without all the references to kittens and marijuana.

The fuzz is turned to eleven on this.

I’m not usually very keen on lo-fi stuff, but I really dig this. It’s hypnotic. It’s intoxicating. When this first landed in my mail bag back in August, I filed it in the “save it for later” file. I revisited the album today when I got another email about a b-side that they released today. I found something this time that I didn’t find the first time. Just now, I’ve listened to this song a bunch of times, and despite my general aversion to lo-fi, this is working for me.

You can buy Cool Breeze Over The Mountains from the bandcamp page for $8 for digital or $15 for vinyl.

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