10.19.13 — “Jungle Sweet” by Lake Effect

Lake Effect

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Jungle Sweet” by Lake Effect (2013, from the forthcoming EP Genuine Bonds).

Lake Effect is an indie rock foursome from Montclair, New Jersey. They released a full-length album last December and are set to release a three-song EP called Genuine Bonds on October 29. I’ve got an advance copy, and it’s quite good. From what I understand, the EP will be a free download. You will have absolutely no excuse not to download the EP. And I promise you that you won’t be sorry.

For the time being, tonight’s song is available as a free download from soundcloud, so you really have no excuse.

I’ve been getting a lot of stuff in the mailbag about these guys, and every time I’ve gotten something, I’ve starred it, meaning that it goes in the “I’ll write about it someday soon” file. That “some day” is today.

According to their bio, the guys were once told by a sound guy that they sound “like Pavement”. I guess the sound guy doesn’t listen to Pavement very much. Some people say that they sound like Sonic Youth. I wouldn’t say that, but I can sort of understand that comparison. Slacker rock. Really laid-back guys. From tonight’s song, I get something more like a mix of Pedro The Lion and Death Cab.

No matter what, it’s easier to agree with the other quote that their bio includes. Once, an unnamed Australian magazine called their songs “satisfying”. I can absolutely agree with that.

Apparently, they’ve had people (presumably deejays from college radio stations) who have thrown up whilst interviewing them, but they don’t get upset by that.

Here’s tonight’s song:

“Jungle Sweet” by Lake Effect

They don’t waste time. The beginning of the song sets a pretty bleak tone:

Face down in a puddle of defeat
Drink up, coz the kids are starving

But then, later, even in the face of more adversity, the narrator finds something to look forward to:

When will the constant current end?
The river flows through narrow bends
When will the constant current end?
I wanna feel your warm caress…

And that’s what it’s all about, innit? That warm caress.

For a little bit of extra credit, here’s a video for the song, starring the guys having a grand time out in some rural part of New Jersey. There’s bowling, a big pizza, a whole lot of plaid flannel, store-brand grape soda, a 1975 Buick Riviera. In other words…. everything that’s awesome. Laugh if you want, but that’s a sweet car with a beast of an engine. It’s probably a bit of a nightmare to maintain, and it probably gets horrendous gas mileage and it probably leaks oil like a sonofabitch, but a sweet car nonetheless.

For now, you can download the “Jungle Sweet” song for free from soundcloud. The EP will be out very soon. You can also get their 2012 self-titled album at the “name your own price” from bandcamp.

Do it.

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