10.22.13 — “We Run” by Seasurfer


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “We Run”by Seasurfer (from the forthcoming 2014 debut album).

Seasurfer is a dreampop/shoegaze trio from all over Germany. Or, to hear them tell it, their style is “dreampunk”. They all used to be in other bands, and Seasurfer is a brand new thing. Their first record should be out in the spring of 2014, and will be released by the outstanding Saint Marie Records in the US and by Kalinkaland Records in Germany.

I don’t know anything else about the band.

Because I’m a big fan of the Saint Marie Records label, I found this track when it was posted to their soundcloud feed the other day, and I’ve listened to it a bunch of times. The song is part of a massive new label comp called Static Waves 2. This year’s comp is a 32-song 2xCD featuring a bunch of unreleased and yet-to-be released stuff from the fantastic roster of SMR artists. The comp will be released on November 26, but you can pre-order your copy here.

Anyway, here’s the song:

It’s *like* a bunch of things shoegazey and a bunch of things dream poppy. It’s early 1990s 4AD and Creation Records. I’m specifically reminded of the tragically unknown 4AD band The Glee Club. If The Glee Club had traded their violin for more effects pedals. Well… Technically, The Glee Club wasn’t ever signed to 4AD, but their only album Mine (which was absolutely brilliant, by the way) was released in the US on 4AD.

Here, for a reference point, is a pretty good Glee Club song:

Anyway… Seasurfer has plenty of the delay-laden echo-y stuff to make Slowdive fans happy and enough of the gauzy, atmospheric stuff to make mid-to-late-era Cocteaus fans happy. Lots of people, like myself, fall into both camps and will be very happy with what this band has to offer.

So far, I’m completely sold.

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