11.01.13 — “I Can’t Remember Waking Up” by Air Formation

Air Formation

If you only listen to one song today, make it “I Can’t Remember Waking Up” by Air Formation (2007, from the album, Daylight Storms).

Air Formation was a dream pop/space rock/shoegaze band from Sussex, England. They were active between 2000 and 2011, during which time they released four albums. Actually, they got their start in 1998 when they went by the name “b.e.a.b Approved”. This is a reference to the British Electrotechnical Approvals Board, which is an organization that tested and approved electrical devices for safety in the UK. Similar, I guess, to Underwriters Laboratories. Anyway, as the story goes, they were “forced” to change their name. I’m sure they were asked very politely to stop using the trademarked name. I don’t know why they settled on Air Formation, but they did.

I only discovered this band recently (and a little too late), but as it turns out, some of the members of Air Formation went on to start a similar band called You Walk Through Walls.

Daylight Storms is the only Air Formation album that I have, and this is one of the standout tracks from it:

They name Flying Saucer Attack, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Spacemen 3 as their influences, but this seems like it’s been heavily influenced by the magnificent Ride album Nowhere.

I love how the airy keyboard intro gets completely bludgeoned by the crushing blow of heavily affected guitars and drums at 0:22. Still, though, Matt Bartram’s vocals are light and airy and delay-laden enough to make it still seem like we’re floating.

It’s a damn fine combination of serenity and a sweaty, high-energy release of aggression. It’s like getting a massage whilst watching a boxing match.

You can scoop up a copy of Daylight Storms from the Club AC30 web store.

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