Boardwalk’s “I’m To Blame” to play on NBC’s “Parenthood” tonight.


If you’ve been reading this blog regularly for any amount of time, or if you’ve spoken with me in person about new music, you’ve certainly heard me talk about the LA dream pop duo Boardwalk. Back in May, I wrote a bit about their fantastic song “I’m To Blame”. You can read that post here.

In July, they launched a lovely Galaxie 500-esque video for the same song, and even though I had already written about the song, I had to share the video.

Here’s that video:

And here I am again telling you about Boardwalk. And again, it’s about the song “I’m To Blame”. Tonight, on the NBC drama Parenthood, “I’m To Blame” will play for nearly two minutes.

Parenthood shows at 10pm eastern/9 central

I used to watch this show, but I sort of lost track of it during the second season and never caught back up. To tell a bit of a secret, I have sort of a celebrity crush on Lauren Graham, and that’s the main reason that I started watching that show in the first place. I used to actually watch Gilmore Girls just because I like Lauren Graham. I know… I know.

Anyway, I hope that the teevee show will bring lots of attention to this fantastic band. They’re really good people, and they deserve it.

Also, the band released their self-titled debut record three weeks ago. It is, as I expected, very good. When I say “very good”, I mean that I fully expect it to end up in the top half of my year-end list of my 26 favorite albums. And as we all know, this has been a sensational year for new releases.

You should, without any hesitation, buy Boardwalk from the Stone’s Throw web store here. Also, find the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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