11.10.13 — “Turtle Brain” by SWF

Stevie Weinstein-Foner

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Turtle Brain” by SWF (2013, from the album Let It Be Told).

SWF is the stage name for Brooklyn indie-folk/lo-fi musician Stevie Weinstein-Foner. After spending a year rafting down the Colorado River and spending a couple of years studying yoga in New York City, he spent some time living off the land in Central America. More yoga stuff and other “mystic” stuff, and then he went to Memphis to cut a record.

His eponymous debut record was released in October of 2013, and he’s gotten really favorable reviews for it. Somehow, though, I missed this release on the first go-around. Thankfully, I got one of these outstanding “before you start compiling your year-end list, don’t forget about these releases from the bands that we represent” emails. I really love those things.

I don’t know anything about SWF other than what the bio told me. Although I’ve seen the name floating around the music blogosphere, I must admit that I never listened to his songs until last week when I got that email.

The record is jam-packed with fuzzy guitars, reverb, and layered vocal tracks. Because of that stuff, I’m reminded a bit of Guided By Voices.

Here’s tonight’s song:
“Turtle Brain” by SWF

Even the title of the song is GBV-esque. The song, though, is something like what happens when Fleet Foxes meets GBV. At least that’s what my tired ears hear.

You can buy Let It Be Told in digital format from the SWF bandcamp page here.

Speaking of year-end lists, I have started doing the preliminary work on my list. It’s been a crazily awesome year for new releases, and I’m going to have a really difficult time paring my list down to the final 26. Or 33. Or whatever. Putting those into an ordered list is going to be almost impossible. Between now and the end of the year, I’ll be hard at work compiling my list. Hopefully, I’ll have it up and running by December 28.

Don’t forget to send in your last-minute submissions and your reminders.

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