12.01.13 — “Tell a Lie” by Farao

Farao (Kari Jahnsen)

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Tell a Lie” by Farao (2013, from the “Tell a Lie” single).

Farao is the stage name of Norwegian indie/indie-folk singer Kari Jahnsen. She’s currently living in London, and spent part of 2013 in Reykjavik working on her debut EP. She released a standalone single in the spring, and this one last month.

I know literally nothing about this woman. I just stumbled upon this song thanks to the soundcloud feed of Riot Factory Records. They’re an excellent indie/shoegaze label in Trondheim, and I’ve already featured a handful of their artists on This is That Song.

Tonight’s song reminds me quite a bit of Azure Ray. Jahnsen’s shimmering, honey-drenched vocals bring to mind the luscious vocal harmonies of Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor. There’s something else that her vocals remind me of, but I can’t quite place a finger on it.

Anyway, this is that song:
“Tell a Lie” by Farao

I really love the line, early in the song:

There were things you never told me
Like how your heart was painted black

I also really love the Stereolab-like organ bits. All warm and bright. And intimately close. At the end, those buzzing organ bits combined with synthetic hand claps and a bit of light guitar. It’s something that all falls together in a way that’s just about perfect for me.

It’s a song about dishonesty. Maybe about infidelity. Whatever the specifics are, I’m completely captivated by the song.

“Tell a Lie” will appear on the Farao EP, which is slated for release in early 2014 via Riot Factory. In the meantime, you can download the song from bandcamp here.

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