12.08.13 — “Rotation” by Ummagma


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Rotation” by Ummagma (2012, from the album Ummagma. Also, from the newly released 2013 single “Rotation/Live and Let Die”).

Ummagma is a dream-pop/shoegaze/synth-pop duo who live in Ukraine. Singer Shauna McLarnon is from the Yukon territory of Canada. Alex Kretov is from a small town in western Ukraine. They met while they were attending a performance by an acoustic guitarist. Years later, they’re married and making records together.

You may remember that I featured a different song by Ummagma back in October of 2012. The Cocteaus-esque “Risky”. Here they are again. This one is less like Cocteaus and much closer to something like Curve or SPC ECO.

“Rotation” by Ummagma

The “Rotation/Live and Let Die” single will be released tomorrow via the German boutique label Emerald & Doreen Recordings. Both songs have been previously released. On July 12 of 2012, the duo simultaneously self-released two digital albums. “Rotation” comes from their self-titled album, while “Live and Let Die” comes from the Antigravity album.

I’m not sure whether Emerald & Doreen plans to re-issue the albums, but they’re doing an excellent job of promoting this double A-side single.

This song is very pleasant, but there’s a bunch of turmoil in Ummagma’s homeland of Ukraine today. There’s been panic on the streets of Kiev as protesters are furious with President Yanukovych. He’s apparently trying to undo all of the measures that have been taken to put Ukraine in a position to join the European Union as a full member. He would prefer to form a close bond with Russia. This has given rise to fears that there may be a reunion of the USSR. Protesters today knocked over statues of Lenin. It shocked me to learn that these statues still existed, but they were knocked down today as protesters chanted “Yanukovych, you are next!”. Obviously, I don’t know anything about Ukrainian politics, but just today, I’ve been reading a bit about Viktor Yanukovych. He sounds pretty shady. Unfortunately, it sounds like the unrest is going to get worse before it gets better.

I didn’t mean to get off track.

Just enjoy the song.

Also, please enjoy this official video for the song:

Also, please go buy Ummagma by visiting the bandcamp page here.

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