12.18.13 — “Break Ties” by Kins


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Break Ties” by Kins (from the forthcoming 2014 album Kins).

Kins is an indie rock quartet from Brighton, England. They’ve released a couple of EPs and are set to release their self-titled debut album on January 28. In the United States, anyway. In other parts of the world, the album is already available via iTunes.

The band, who is originally from Australia, formed in 2010. Thomas Savage (vox, guitar) and Jaqueline Cartwright (vox, guitar, keys) moved to England and found a new bassist and drummer while they worked hard on new material. They caught a big break when they were signed by a management team who saw the new four-piece play one show. They spent the winter of 2012/13 “in a damp basement flat by the sea” writing the songs that would eventually become Kins. That album is available now in Australia, the UK and Europe, but won’t be released to US fans until January 28.

They say that the songs carry themes of “confusion, guilt, and nihilism” and that the themes are appropriate for the environment from which the songs were born. Those songs were made public in July and they’ve gained a good deal of traction on the other side of the Atlantic.

After listening to the songs, I’m pretty excited for the release of this album.
This is one of the better songs from that batch.

“Break Ties” by Kins

This brings Blonde Redhead to mind. I’m not wild about the last two Blonde Redhead records, but everything up to Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons sort of blew me away. Misery is a Butterfly never really found its way into heavy rotation for me, and the last two didn’t impress me at all. But it’s the old stuff that Kins reminds me of. Mostly because of Savage’s singing style.

I’m always a sucker for a song with a false ending like the one that this has. This also has a false start! I can’t say that I love false starts but I don’t mind this one. The end of the song with all that stop/start stuff is a bit hectic, and then when it finally ends, it seems a bit abrupt. I guess that’s part of the “confusion” that was part of living and working in the seaside basement apartment.

In February, Kins will play six shows in the US while playing in support of Aussie singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett. I imagine that they’ll be back to the US for a more extensive tour in the spring/summer.

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