12.19.13 — “Sine” by Miniatures

Annemarie Duff and Ché Walden of Miniatures

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Sine” by Miniatures (2013, from the DIS EP).

Miniatures is a dream pop/shoegaze quartet from Melbourne by way of Christchurch, New Zealand. While they perform as a four-piece, my understanding is that when you’re talking about Miniatures, you’re really talking about the duo of Ché Walden (guitars/bass/synths/programming) and Annemarie Duff (vox/programming).

They’re inspired by a long list of UK dreampop/shoegaze bands from the first heyday of those genres. Ride, Lush, MBV, Cocteaus, Slowdive, etc. In this little four-song EP, it’s easy to pick up on those influences. Which is not to say that they’re overly derivative of any of them.

I had never heard of this band until I got something in the mail bag this morning. I get a lot of mail bag stuff from Australia. Not very much of it tickles my fancy, but this is especially good. Just right for me.

Today’s song is a bit of a slow burner. It requires a little bit of patience and a bit of undivided attention. Instead of exploding right out of the gates, it slowly and steadily does its thing. The last minute of the song is dream-gaze bliss, glowing and radiating warmth. I want that minute to be on an infinite loop.

“Sine” by Miniatures

It starts with little ripples of looping and heavily delayed guitar bits. Then the bass. Then, at about 2:15, the fuzzy guitar bit and the wispy vocals of Duff. Really low in the mix. Lots of reverb. At first, I wasn’t even sure that it was vocals. It works really perfectly in this song that they’re washed out by all of the other elements.

It’s sort of strange to say this about a song that’s quiet and dreamy, but it’s a bit of sonic annihilation. Not the blunt kind like you expect from a loud-as-hell band like A Place to Bury Strangers. This is much more subtle in the way that the wall of sound is built. The kind where you’re not even aware that the wall is being built until you walk right into it.

I really wish that this song was about two minutes longer, but it’s quite nice just the way it is.

You can buy the four-song digital EP via bandcamp. Maybe a full length record in 2014.

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One response to “12.19.13 — “Sine” by Miniatures

  • Nicol

    This one was totally my cup-o-tea!!!! I love your emails!!! Happy Holidays David **big hug**   ….You can’t trust your eyes when your imagination is out of focus……~N


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