The final compiled list — my 40 favorite records of 2013

Last week, I spent some time highlighting my favorite new release albums of the year 2013. Not the “best” albums. Just the ones that I kept going back to again and again and again. The ones that I liked the most. I went into at least some detail about every one, breaking it into four parts. If you want to revisit those posts with the details, check here:
Albums 40-31
Albums 30-21
Albums 20-11
The top 10

There are lots of records that I like a lot but which didn’t make the list. There are a lot of records that disappointed me. I still plan to make a list or two of albums that didn’t make the list.

Without any commentary, here’s the full list of 40:

40. Rachel Zeffira — The Desserters
39. Mazzy Star — Seasons of Your Day
38. Eluvium — Nightmare Ending
37. Widowspeak — Almanac
36. San Fermin — San Fermin
35. Girls Names — The New Life
34. Bleached — Ride Your Heart
33. Fear of Men — Early Fragments
32. Cumulus — I Never Meant it To Be Like This
31. Ceremony — Distance
30. The History of Apple Pie — Out of View
29. Slowness — For Those Who Wish To See The Glass Half Full
28. Joanna Gruesome — Weird Sister
27. No Joy — Wait To Pleasure
26. Nightmare Air — High in the Lasers
25. SPC ECO — Sirens and Satellites
24. Mogwai — Les Revenants
23. Jetman Jet Team — We Will Live The Space Age
22. Drowner — You’re Beautiful, I Forgive You
21. The Fauns — Lights
20. The Darcys — Warring
19. Veronica Falls — Waiting for Something to Happen
18. Lemuria — Distance is So Big
17. Dråpe — Canicular Days
16. Houses — A Quiet Darkness
15. Waxahatchee — Cerulean Salt
14. Wax Idols — Discipline and Desire
13. Panda Riot — Northern Automatic Music
12. Hayden — Us Alone
11. Bleeding Rainbow — Yeah Right
10. Throwing Muses — Purgatory/Paradise
9. Low — The Invisible Way
8. Besnard Lakes — Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO
7. Boardwalk — Boardwalk
6. Black Hearted Brother — Stars are Our Home
5. Basia Bulat — Tall Tall Shadow
4. Weekend — Jinx
3. Typhoon — White Lighter
2. Torres — TORRES
1. My Bloody Valentine — m b v

Check those previous posts for details about all of the albums, including a sound and/or video file for every one. Those posts also have information about how and where to buy these albums. You should buy every one of them.

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