01.07.2014 — “Day to Day” by The Casket Girls

The Casket Girls

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Day to Day” by The Casket Girls (2014, from the forthcoming album True Love Kills the Fairy Tale).
The Casket Girls is an indie/synth-pop/noise/shoegaze-y trio from Savannah, Georgia. You may remember that I wrote about them back in April of 2013. I found out about them through the mailbag, and their 2012 album Sleepwalking sort of blew me away in a way that if I had known about their debut album when I was writing my 2012 year-end lists, it would have ended up in the top five.

They’re back with a new album, which is due out on February 11 via Graveface Records. You’ll probably also recall that Ryan Graveface, who is the founder of Graveface Records, composed the songs on the first record while the sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene did the singing. I think on this album, the girls did some of the writing as well. There’s a strange story about the evolution of the new album. It has to do with acid trips, poetry recitation from a zombie state, and the girls writing and recording a bunch of songs, then completely forgetting what they had done. These girls may be insane geniuses. They may just be a little eccentric. Either way, what they’re doing is brilliant.

I’ve heard two songs from the forthcoming album, and they’re both just as fantastic as the lot of their debut record. It should be a phenomenal record.

“Day to Day” by The Casket Girls

I love that it’s got a beat to keep your head bobbing, some wonderfully shoegaze-y wall-of-sound type guitar loops to make your head swim, the girls singing like angels to make the guys swoon, and some tuned percussion to boot. Love the tuned percussion.

I’ve just listened to this song about two dozen times in a row, and I’m really eagerly anticipating the release of the sophomore album.

You can pre-order the new album in the format of your choice from the Graveface Records web store.

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