01.14.2014 — “Dark Light” by Weeknight


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Dark Light” by Weeknight (2014, from the forthcoming album Post-Everything).

Weeknight is a dark synth-pop band from Brooklyn. The duo, who go only by their first names (Andy and Holly) got started in 2012, and they’re set to release their debut album this March via the Toronto-based Artificial Records, which is a Hand Drawn Dracula Records sublabel.

Tonight’s song was debuted over at Stereogum this morning. Just an hour or so later, I got something in the mail bag from one of the hard-working PR guys who I get a lot of stuff from. At the top of the email was the photo of the band, and I jumped to the conclusion that I liked them. I arrived at this conclusion before I listened to one note or read one sentence. As it turns out, my conclusion was correct. I like this song a lot, and if the rest of their stuff is like this, I will like their album very much.

This is that song.

“Dark Night” by Weeknight

It’ll come as no surprise to anybody that I love the vocal harmonies on this song. I also love that there’s a fuzzy guitar to go with all of the electronic stuff.

This is another one that you do with the lights low and the volume high. No headphones. Play it through real speakers. Play it crazily loud.

I’m reminded of the wonderful LA-based electro-dream pop band Houses, whose sophomore album was one of my favorites of 2013. Maybe it’s because of the vocal harmonies. Maybe it’s because of how electro-dreamy they make the whole thing sound. Maybe it’s something else.

Post-Everything will be released digitally on March 4, with a vinyl release to follow. The band will spend February touring the northeastern United States plus Hamilton, Toronto, and Montréal. You should see them when they come to your town.

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