01.16.2014 — “Dream of Bees” by Lilies on Mars

Lilies on Mars

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Dream of Bees” by Lilies on Mars (2014, from the forthcoming album Dot to Dot).

Lilies on Mars (sometimes stylized as LILIES ON MΔRS) is a London-based “retro-futurist” electro-dream pop band from Sardinia. The duo of multi-instrumentalists Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo formed sometime in 2008, and they’ve self-released two albums since then. Their new record — Dot to Dot— will be released on February 11 via Saint Marie Records. There was a lot of great stuff happening on Saint Marie in 2013, and this is one of many great releases scheduled for SMR release in 2014.

Technically, Dot to Dot was released way back on March 25, 2013. However, that release was only for Italy. This US/rest of world release comes eleven months after the fact.

I had never heard of this band until Saint Marie started to stir up some anticipation for the new record. Part of that push was that this song was released as a single in December of 2013.

“Dream of Bees” by Lilies on Mars

This song reminds me a good bit of the 2012 album Animator by The Luyas.

I love the dizzying mix of traditional and electronic instruments. I love how the vocal harmonies drif off into the ether. I love the mix of live and programmed drums. They brought in Valentina Magaletti to record the live drums, which were recorded on one channel, then mixed with programmed drums. Magaletti plays drums in two bands (Fanfarlo and The Oscillation),and she also recently filled in as a touring drummer for Bat For Lashes while BFL’s drummer Sarah Jones was busy recording something with her own band.

Anyway, I like this song a bunch, and I’m really looking forward to the stateside release of Dot to Dot. You can pre-order a CD/digital copy directly from Saint Marie Records here. A vinyl version will be released a little later.

For extra credit, check out the official video for the song:

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