01.21.2014 — “In Your Room” by Snoww Crystal

Snoww Crystal

If you only listen to one song today, make it “In Your Room” by Snoww Crystal.

Snoww Crystal is a shoegaze/dream pop band from Vienna. In just over two years of running this blog, I had never featured an Austrian band before last week. And now this is the second one in a row.

Snoww Crystal is another one of the bands that I discovered by reading this 2013 year-end list at a Chinese dude’s shoegaze blog.

I know nothing about this band, but it seems like they founded at some point in 2012. They released a 7″ record in December, but today’s song was not part of that release. When My Bloody Valentine played in Vienna back in the summer, Snoww Crystal had the amazing privilege of opening for them. It’s quite easy to tell that this band is heavily influenced by MBV, so it must have been quite thrilling for them.

The vocal harmonies in this song remind me of some of the Kevin Shields/Bilinda Butcher harmonies on songs like “When You Sleep”, and in a general sort of way, with the layers of wavy, fuzzy guitar and synth sound like something that could have been an extra from the Loveless sessions.

This is that song:
“In Your Room” by Snoww Crystal

While the sound isn’t nearly as massive as MBV’s, it still feels the same. Everybody knows that I don’t like MBV analogies, but it’s impossible to not use one with this band. Even their song titles sound like MBV song titles. “In Your Room”. “Nothing Is Real”.

I like this song much more than the songs on the “One Sided” (b/w “Nothing Is Real”) 7″ record, and it’s a real shame that it’s unreleased. I hope that it ends up on an EP or LP in the very near future.

While I love the warm, blissed-out sound of the whole song, it’s the final minute that really gets me up out of my seat. As the feedback and white/pink noise becomes more prevalent and the drums start to swell, it reaches an apex at 3:21. There’s a really big drum fill that goes on for about 18 seconds. It surprised me and blew me away the first time I heard it.

You can stream the song on soundcloud, and you can buy a download of the “One Sided/Nothing Is Real” single from bandcamp.

For extra credit, you can watch the “official video” for “In Your Room”. In all its blurry goodness and in all its “taxicab passenger POV” style, it looks an awful lot like that scene in Lost in Translation when Scarlett Johansson is riding through Tokyo while MBV’s “Sometimes” is playing.

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