01.29.2014 — “I Set Sail on Winds of Renewal” by …Of Sinking Ships

…Of Sinking Ships

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “I Set Sail on Winds of Renewal” by …Of Sinking Ships (2014, from the forthcoming album The Amaranthine Sea).

…Of Sinking Ships is a melodic post-rock trio from Charlotte. The band started in 2001 as a solo side project for Chad Waldrup, who was previously in a hardcore band called Hopesfall. After several attempts to start a band, he simply wrote and recorded everything by himself and released an album as …Of Sinking Ships in 2006. Eight years later, he has a three-piece band, and they’re set to release their sophomore album on March 25 via Broken Circles Records. Broken Circles is a one-man operation in Cincinnati, and they only deal in physical copies. The new …Of Sinking Ships album will be pressed on CD and in a limited run of oddly colored vinyl. According to the press release, some will be on clear orange, and some will be on “half clear/half opaque purple”.

“I Set Sail on Winds of Renewal” is the first released song from the album. This is that song.

“I Set Sail on Winds of Renewal” by …Of Sinking Ships

Every song on the album makes a reference to sailing on the ocean, and it seems like there’s a theme.

As the album starts with “It’s Easier With No Destination”, the hero of the story is just sort of sailing about aimlessly. Through the first four songs, the titles suggest pleasant seas. Then, the tide (pun intended) turns, and there are song titles like “Rumbling on Dark Winds, A Wicked Premonition” (#5) and “And Then Your Squall is Upon Me” (#7). Things get real bad for the sailor with “Colliding on Rocks I Knew Not Existed” (#9) and “Now Only The Depths I See” (#10). He makes it through the storm and manages to right his once sinking ship with “As I Surface, With New Revelation Emblazoned” (#11) and “Breathing Anew” (#12). Tonight’s song is #13 and is part of the “calm seas again” set.

I haven’t listened to the entire album yet, but this is instrumental post-rock and there aren’t lyrics to tell the story. The song titles do, though. And the crescendos and decrescendos. I’m not that adept at picking a minor chord from a major chord, so I have to rely on those other things to try and piece together a story. I always try to make a game out of inventing a story line in instrumental post-rock albums. In the case of this album, the song titles really help.

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