02.04.2014 — “Gouge” by Eternal Summers

Eternal Summers

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Gouge” by Eternal Summers (2014, from the forthcoming album The Drop Beneath).

Eternal Summers is a “dream-punk”/indie pop trio from Roanoke, Virginia. They formed as the duo of Nicole Yun (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Cundiff (drums), and they released two albums that way. Later, they added bassist Jonathan Woods. Their fourth album, The Drop Beneath, will be released on March 4 via Kanine Records.

Before this morning, I didn’t know anything about this band. It surprised me, because I really respect that label, and based on a few of their songs that I just listened to, I love this band.

I found this song in my soundcloud feed, and I fell in love with it after about three seconds.
“Gouge” by Eternal Summers

I love the flanger/phaser effect on the guitar at the very beginning. That, coupled with the weight of the rhythm section, makes this song remind me of something from in the very early days of The Cure. Something like “Primary”.

Nicole Yun’s sweet, angelic singing makes the opening line: “Gouge. Gouge my eyes out” sound a little strange, but I don’t mean to suggest that it weakens the song.

I’ve just listened to this song about five times in a row, and it’s the kind of thing that I could continue to listen to all day long. It’s going to be a wonderful song for the spring, when we can open the windows and let the light shine in and the fresh air fill the house.

It looks like Eternal Summers are on tour now and will soon be playing some shows in support of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. I’ll definitely be seeing them on March 9 when they come to the Cat’s Cradle.

The Drop Beneath will be released on March 4 (just in time for spring), and you can pre-order it direct from Kanine Records here.

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