02.07.2014 — “Starshine” by LSD and the Search for God

LSD and the Search for God

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Starshine” by LSD and the Search for God (2007, from the LSD and the Search for God EP).
LSD and the Search for God is a shoegaze band from San Francisco who formed in 2005. I assume that they take their name from a 1967 book by William Braden. Ryan Lescure from Moonbeams plays bass, and at least one other member of LSD contributes to Moonbeams.

In 2007, they released a self-titled EP of five songs that are a direct send-up to My Bloody Valentine. The EP was limited to 1000 physical copies, and from what I understand, they sold out of it before the release date. Since then, it was re-issued on vinyl via Deep Space Records and, of course, digitally via bandcamp.

LSD hasn’t released anything else, but they still play shows, and there was an album scheduled for release last year.
Lescure is busy with Moonbeams, and with another project called My Red Dress, which I promise I’ll tell you about later. That band also features LSD vocalist Sophia Campbell. It’s all one big happy family. I’m not sure exactly how it all works out, but I think I saw somewhere that all of these bands are connected to Bay-area shoegaze/indie pop band Slowness in some way.

“Starshine” by LSD and the Search for God

All of the melty, bendy, warbly pitch-shifted stuff is naturally reminiscent of MBV. Other songs on the EP have male vocals, and those songs remind me more of Drop Nineteens than MBV. This one reminds me of something else that I can’t quite lay my finger on. The way Campbell sings — high and almost whispered — reminds me of the way Louise Trehy sings on the magnificent album Blow by her old band Swallow. Trehy, by the way, has a new album coming out (as Strata Florida) very soon after being in hibernation for 20 years.

As an overall package though, this song reminds me of something else from the original heyday of shoegaze.

The song sounds great through headphones, and I’m imagining that it’s about 250 times better live.

Download the EP from bandcamp and play it loud.

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