02.13.2014 — “Dream” by My Red Dress

My Red Dress

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Dream” by My Red Dress (2013).

My Red Dress is a shoegaze duo from San Francisco that was started last year by Ryan Lescure from Moonbeams. After he joined the terrific SF shoegaze band LSD and The Search for God, he asked LSD singer/guitarist Sophia Campbell to help him with his new project. He just wanted to do some textural shoegazey dream pop stuff in the vein of lovesliescrusing and Swallow, but he knew that he couldn’t do that as Moonbeams. He needed a female singer with that high, ethereal, angelic tone.

Last year, they released “Dream” and “Secrets” as a 7″ record called “2.6.13” on Lescure’s Blue Aurora Audio label imprint. They sort of set the My Red Dress stuff aside while working on LSD stuff, but they’re currently working on some new stuff for a forthcoming 7″ record and maybe a full-length album.

Anyway, this is that song.

“Dream” by My Red Dress

I like the slightly muddy, slightly distant sound. It makes it a bit more mysterious.

Aside from the fact that My Red Dress uses a drum machine while lovesliescrushing uses no drums at all, and the fact that lovesliescrushing uses way more loops and layers, this really is reminiscent of the first (and I think best) lovesliescrushing album bloweyelashwish from 1993. It’s super-dreamy and foggy and lovely.

You can download the two My Red Dress songs from the soundcloud page. Make sure you also revisit the posts about Moonbeams and LSD and The Search for God.

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