02.17.2014 — “Too Shy to Live” by The Female Fiends

The Female Fiends

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Too Shy to Live” by The Female Fiends (2014, from the forthcoming Too Shy to Live EP).

The Female Fiends is an indie pop quartet from Kent, Washington. They formed in 2011 as a high school jam band, but they’ve honed a different style which earns them a bunch of comparisons to Built to Spill. They’re set to release their second EP next month. Their first EP Youthless helped them advance to the semi-final of Seattle Sound Off, which is a battle of the bands for young bands. All participants in the contest are under 21 and must be residents of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or BC. It’s an excellent way to promote young bands and launch their careers.

On Valentine’s Day, the band released the title track from their forthcoming EP Too Shy to Live. The EP will stream on March 16, and they’ll have a record release party on March 30.

This is that song.
“Too Shy to Live” by The Female Fiends

There’s an instrumental coda that starts at 3:12. From there until about 3:45, it sounds very much like the way Built to Spill sounded in the late 1990s. With the bright, high, meandering guitar lines. And something about the drums and the way that there’s a pause for just a fraction of a second at 3:15 and again at 3:24. These kids probably listened to their parents’ copies of Keep it Like a Secret a lot. Everyone should listen to Keep it Like a Secret a lot because it’s a brilliant album.

You can download the “Too Shy to Live” single from bandcamp. Name your price.

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