02.18.2014 — “Catch My Breath” by Beliefs


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Catch My Breath” by Beliefs (2013, from the album Beliefs).

Beliefs is a dream pop/shoegaze band from Toronto. They formed in 2010, when Josh Korody (also of the Toronto band BREEZE) and Jesse Crowe met at a friend’s birthday party. They got to chatting about music and became fast friends based on their mutual admiration of shoegazing giants My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Although this probably isn’t true, I’d like to think that they got their name when somebody was on their way to a hockey game and said “I’m going to see the Leafs” and somebody misheard that as “I’m going to see Beliefs”. That’s how a lot of bands get their names. Misheard utterances.

Anyway, that’s everything that I know about this band. They’re on the Toronto label Hand Drawn Dracula, which is also sort of home to the very good Brooklyn dark synth-pop duo Weeknight.

Beliefs released their self-titled debut last spring, and they’re reportedly hard at work on their second record. There are a few songs on the album that explore the dream pop end of the “dream pop/shoegaze” spectrum, while most songs sit squarely in the middle. Tonight’s song definitely leans more towards the fuzzy, buzzy shoegaze side.

“Catch My Breath” by Beliefs

The co-ed vocals are kind of low in the mix. If they were more up front and if they were just a tiny bit crisper, I might say that Crowe’s vocals remind me of Miki Bereyni from Lush. Maybe like something from Spooky. I don’t really get that same impression from the other Beliefs songs, but this song does sound a bit Lush-y. And we all know how much I adore the 1989-1992 era of Lush.

Head over to their page on the HDD site to buy a digital or physical copy of the debut album.

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