02.19.2014 — “Bridge to Hawaii” by Tacocat


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Bridge to Hawaii” by Tacocat (2014, from the forthcoming album NVM)

Tacocat is a pop-punk/cuddlepunk quartet from Seattle. I don’t know anything about them other than that they originated in a town a couple of hours south of Seattle and they eventually migrated there. I happened upon this song tonight while I was perusing The AV Club, and I really dig what they’re doing. They’re taking us back to the mid-1990s and reminding us of some of those glorious bubblegum cuddlepunk girl bands like Cub, and Tiger Trap.

I’ll admit that I was intrigued by the song title, which reminds me of an in-joke among a group of my friends. To make a long story short, one friend asked another friend, who is a geologist why they can’t build a bridge from California to Hawaii. She was expecting him to give some geologic or general scientific reasons why it would be a bad idea, but after a very brief pause, he answered “It’s too fucking far”.

Anyway, here’s the fantastic song:
“Bridge to Hawaii” by Tacocat

Apart from the fact that this reminds me of some really fantastic stuff from the 1990s, I really like the slight pause at 1:38. The song is full of amazing energy, sugary sweet hooks, and hopeless romanticism. What’s not to love?

NVM will be released next Tuesday via the Seattle-based Hardly Art Records. You can pre-order the album here, and while they last, you can get the vinyl on opaque bubble gum pink vinyl.

You can also download the song for free from soundcloud.

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