03.17.2014 — “Laputa” by Edweena


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Save Your Soul” by Edweena (2014)

Edweena was a shoegaze trio from Stockholm. They formed in 2011 and released an album called Solar Days and Lunar Nights last year. I just discovered this band today, or that album might have done very well in my 2013 year-end list.

Last month, the band was dealt a huge blow when vocalist/guitarist Magnus Thelin passed away. The surviving members have decided that they will close the book on Edweena and continue with other musical endeavors. In their statement, they say:

We will of course keep on making music in other projects, but this band was the three of us, and it could never be anything else.

I really respect that they acknowledged the fact that all three members of the band are irreplaceable. All or nothing. Sometimes when a band suffers the death of a founding member, they go out and get a new person and carry on with the same name. Echo and the Bunnymen, for example. When frontman Ian McCulloch temporarily left the band and drummer Pete de Freitas died a few months later, the rest of the Bunnymen carried on with a new singer and a new drummer. I never cared for that maneuver, and neither did anyone else.

Tonight’s song came from the recording sessions of the Solar Days and Lunar Nights album. It didn’t make the cut, but it might have appeared on a subsequent EP. The band has made the song available as a free download.

“Laputa” by Edweena

There are a couple of glitches in the recording, but despite those, this is a really wonderful shoegaze song. It’s a little reminiscent of the early early Ride stuff. More like Smile than anything else. Although it has plenty of noise and plenty of melody, it’s weighted heavily on the “noise” side of the scale.

I hope the best for Johannes Göthager (bass, vocals) and Henning Runolf (drums) as they cope with the loss of their close friend and as they eventually do other things musically.

You can download Solar Days and Lunar Nights album from bandcamp here for the price of 25 SEK (or more). By today’s exchange rate, that comes to almost exactly $4 USD. Do it.

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