03.21.2014 — “Face Tattoo” by Unicycle Loves You

Unicycle Loves You

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Face Tattoo” by Unicycle Loves You (2014, from the forthcoming album The Dead Age)

Unicycle Loves You is a noise pop trio from Brooklyn by way of Chicago. They’ve put out three albums so far and they have another scheduled for release this summer. I had never heard of them before I got something about this song, then an advance copy of the album in the old mail sack. I kept setting the album aside while I was busy with other things, and I finally listened to it for the first time today. We like it.

Since I hadn’t heard of this band before last week, I don’t know anything about them. Everything that I’ve read suggests that they’re always evolving their style. With their 2008 self-titled debut, they were classified as “a jangly power pop quintet”. They were a “post-new wave quartet” for their 2010 album Mirror, Mirror. Then, they were “a garage-psych trio” when they released Failure in 2012. If I had to make some sort of soundbite analysis of them for this record, I’d call them a “retro ’90s noise/slacker rock trio”. They don’t sound like Pavement, but I’m definitely reminded of Pavement when I listen to this song. And Archers of Loaf. Actually, there’s another song on The Dead Age called “Endless Bummer” that, but for the female vox, actually does sound quite a bit like the Archers. But I digress.

Here’s today’s song:
“Face Tattoo” by Unicycle Loves You

It’s definitely got a squawky, squelchy, bendy, heavily layered, slightly lo-fi retro 1994 sound, and I really enjoy that. There’s plenty more of that on the album.

The new album will come out on June 10, and I’ll strongly suggest that you head over to this page for pre-order information.

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