04.08.2014 — “It’s Probably Not Your Fault” by Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “It’s Probably Not Your Fault” by Soccer Mom (2014, from the forthcoming album Soccer Mom).

Soccer Mom is an indie pop/punk/shoegaze quartet from Boston. They released an EP in 2011, followed by a single in 2012. They’ve spent a lot of time playing shows in the northeastern US in support of some This is That Song favorites like Weekend, Whirr, Speedy Ortiz. Their debut self-titled album will be released on May 1 via 100m Records, which is a boutique label that is also home of Lizzie and The Yes Men.

I had never heard of this band until I got something in the physical mail bag today. On Tuesdays, the electronic mail bag always gets bombarded, but it’s a little bit rare to get things in the physical mail bag. This was a nice treat.

It’s sort of hard to really define the sound of Soccer Mom. There are certainly big walls of noise and lots of energy. Sometimes they sound like a 1990s punk band. Sometimes they sound like a shoegaze band. Sometimes they sound like something else. Perhaps it’s because of the singer’s voice, but I can’t help but use Boston icons Buffalo Tom as a reference point. Listening to tonight’s song, I’m very much reminded of Buffalo Tom’s seminal 1990 album Birdbrain.

This is that song:

Beyond the heavy wall of guitar, there’s a bit of pop jangle in one of the guitars. There’s also some very nifty backing vocals by Deborah Warfield, who is a current member of The Swirlies. And for just a little bit, tonight’s song has a bit of the noise sensibilities of The Swirlies. In particular, the bit from 4:02 on. The heavy guitar drops out and we get a wave of heavily affected and heavily fed back guitar. I really love that coda. It makes an already great song even better.

When the album comes out on May 1, you should buy a copy.

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