05.03.2014 — “You Whir” by Stagnant Pools

Stagnant Pools

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “You Whir” by Stagnant Pools (2014, from the forthcoming album Geist).

Stagnant Pools is a shoegaze/noise rock/post-punk duo from Bloomington, Indiana. They make a hell of a lot of JAMC, Joy Division, and Sonic Youth-inspired noise to be just two dudes. Brothers Bryan (guitar/vox) and Douglass (drums) Enas got started in 2010 and released an album called Temporary Room in 2012. They’re set to release their sophomore album —Geist via Polyvinyl Records.

I got something about this in the mailbag the other day when I was way too busy with other stuff to listen to any music at all. Then I saw the song in my soundcloud feed, and it took no time at all for me to decide that I love it. As you feast your ears on this, keep reminding yourself that it’s just two dudes. This is that song.

“You Whir” by Stagnant Pools

There’s something that actually reminds me of the full-band version of the Red House Painters song “New Jersey”. The one from the second self-titled album. Some folks call that album Bridge. Anyway, the guitar is way heavier and way fuzzier than what’s on that version of “New Jersey”, but there’s still something about it. The drumming is a little similar, and the way Bryan sings is a little bit like the way Mark Kozelek sings. Still, though, there’s something else that made me immediately think of “New Jersey”.

I absolutely adore that they tease us with 17 seconds of dreamy effects loop stuff until the huge wave of noise crushes us. And it’s so noisy and fuzzy that Bryan’s hushed, reserved vocals seem almost out-of-place. And yet, they fit right in, even with the buzz and fuzz.

I really like this song, and I’ll be looking forward to the release of their album on June 10. You can pre-order Geist on vinyl, CD, digital download, or even on cassette. It’s getting to the point now where I think bands are putting stuff out on cassette without doing so ironically. I don’t know why, but the bands keep doing it. It’s a terrible format that doesn’t even make sense anymore. At first, I think bands were releasing things on cassette in 2010 just to get a laugh. Now I’m not so sure anymore.

Anyway, Stagnant Pools is about to embark on a tour of the US from mid-may through the end of June. Most of those dates will be in support of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. They’ll be in my neck of the woods on June 3, and there’s a fair chance that I’ll go see them.

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