05.18.2014 — “Vision Tricks” by Vulkano


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Vision Tricks” by Vulkano (2014, from the forthcoming album Live Wild Die Free).

Vulkano is a post-punk duo from Stockholm. They exploded onto the scene and have become indie darlings in Sweden. However, they’re hardly newcomers to the music scene. Lisa Pyk Wirström (keys/percussion) and Cissi Efraimsson (drums/vocals) used to be in a band called Those Dancing Days back in 2008. As Vulkano, though, they’ve got one album called Live Wild Die Free. From what I can gather, the album has been out digitally for over a year in the UK. Probably longer in Sweden. The album will get its physical release and it’s US release on July 1.

The Guardian (UK) wrote about these girls last July and said:

they’re close to achieving the perfect blend of indie menace and pop promise. We know it’s out there

People usually use Siouxie & The Banshees and The Cure as reference points when talking about this special new band, and it’s really easy to hear the latter in tonight’s song. Think, specifically about Seventeen Seconds. “A Forest”. “Play For Today”. Think about those songs while listening to tonight’s song. If you didn’t know for sure, you’d have a really hard time guessing which one came out in 1980 and which one came out in 2014.

This is that song.
“Vision Tricks” by Vulkano

I think there’s another unofficial member of the band, but it’s really just these two girls, and until some jerk points it out, you might not even notice that they don’t have a guitar on most of their songs.

I love that bass line, and that’s obviously the part that makes it very Cure-esque. Dark. Despondent.

On other songs from the album, you can hear some other influences. There’s a synth and vibraphone-heavy Stereolab-esque song called “In The Jungle”. There’s a song called “Spider Spider” that reminds me of the weird genius of the early Björk solo stuff, or even of The Sugarcubes. There’s even a mid 1990s riot grrrl song called “2 Young 2 Die”. There’s a lot of different stuff going on with this album, and it’s all weird and wonderful. Spooky and alluring.

And because you like watching out-of-focus green-clad Swedish girls spinning around in a room wallpapered with aluminum foil (and lets face it — who doesn’t?), you can also enjoy the official video for the song

When this album comes out, you will want to own your own copy.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Sweden, when you buy a copy of the album, you’ll also receive a copy of a short film called Neptune Moon. It was made by the Vulkano girls and was just debuted in Swedish cinemas last week.

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