06.04.2014 — “Bombs Will Be The Seeds For a New World” by White Night Ghosts

the Joy EP

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Bombs Will Be The Seeds For a New World” by White Night Ghosts (2013, from the Joy EP).

White Night Ghosts is an electronic/shoegaze/dream pop duo from Rennes, France. It was started in 2011 as a solo project for Antoine Warneck. He made a few demos, then was joined by Vincent Calvar. In June of last year, they released an EP called Joy via the tiny French shoegaze label Cranes Records.

As the story goes, the EP was released digitally and on vinyl. The vinyl release was a bit unusual in that it was blank. The way I understand it, there was nothing recorded on the vinyl. The label featured a download code. That physical release has sold out.

I had never heard of this band until I got on this French shoegaze kick that I’ve been on for about a week. Lastfm suggested them to me based on the other French shoegaze that I’ve been listening to and writing about. This is a discovery that most likely would never have been made back in the pre-internet days.

I think the band is being deliberately opaque about who they are. I can’t find a single picture of them, and I could find very little in the way of biographical information. The music will have to stand for itself. And the music is good.

Today’s song is the first song from the Joy EP.

“Bombs Will Be The Seeds For a New World” by White Night Ghosts

While the song title sounds like a Godspeed You! Black Emperor title, the music is much more like SPC ECO.

I love the thunderous drum beat beneath a murky sea of electronics, loops, and delay pedal. I really wish that this song would last about 30 minutes, because every time I get to the end of the 3:43 song, I want to hear it again immediately.

The blank vinyl is sold out, but you can buy a digital download of the EP from the White Night Ghosts bandcamp page.

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