06.08.2014 — “Another Moon” by Tearjerker


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Another Moon” by Tearjerker (2014, from the EP Hiding).
Tearjerker is an indie rock band from Toronto. They’ve got some elements of 90s slacker rock, some elements of shoegaze, some bits of dream-pop. A lot of stuff for a guy like me to enjoy. They formed in 2009, and they self-released two albums and a couple of EPs. This year, they signed with SQE Music, and they just released an EP for that label a couple of weeks ago. They’re working on a new album, which should be out later this year.

Although the guys all live in Toronto, they went about recording this in a pretty unorthodox way. Instead of doing it the traditional way, with all of them in the studio together hashing things out, they did it separately. These guys just work from their own homes, then sort of mix it all up when they have time. They like to keep it as DIY as possible.

This is my favorite song from the EP:
“Another Moon” by Tearjerker

I love how it starts out with some fuzz and feedback before turning into a sludgy, bass-heavy thing with heavy delay on the vocals. It brings to mind the Chapel Hill scene from the early and mid 1990s.

You can buy the digital version of the EP from Amazon here, or you can buy the vinyl here.

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