06.16.2014 — “Melting Ice Cream” by Boyfriend’s Dead

Boyfriend’s Dead

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Melting Ice Cream” by Boyfriend’s Dead (2012, from the “Melting Ice Cream” single).

Boyfriend’s Dead is a shoegaze/lo-fi/noise band from Osaka, Japan. I don’t know anything about them, and there isn’t much about them out there on the interwebs. I saw their name mentioned somewhere alongside some other Japanese shoegaze bands, and I went hunting. There really isn’t much out there.

I do know that there are four members, and two of them are women. They all use pseudonyms. In 2009, they released a split EP with Tokyo indie rock quartet Civic. In 2012, they released a CD-R single via some small Indonesian label. This was the a side, backed with an 8-minute song called “4 AM”.

According to their Facebook profile, they’re influenced by Galaxie 500, The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Pale Saints, Slowdive, Talulah Gosh, and many others that play a lot around these parts. They may or may not have recorded a cover of the Galaxie 500 song “Listen, the Snow is Falling”.

What I do know is that I like this song.
“Melting Ice Cream” by Boyfriend’s Dead

I love that even though it begins with a squelch, there’s a bit of UK-style jangle right out of the gates. Sort of c-86 ish. With just a bit of fuzz. After a short while, there’s a bit of a mid-1990s west coast US shoegaze feel. A lot of lovely melodies and a healthy amount of fuzz.

In a “big picture” kind of way, and specifically because of their coed vocals in the chorus, I’m reminded a lot of the wonderful band Rocketship, whose 1996 album A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness is criminally underrated.

The lyrics are at least partially in English, but I can’t make heads or tails of them. I tracked down a lyric sheet in Japanese, and this Google Translate translation isn’t really any help.

You can go to the band’s myspace page and listen to three other songs. This is my favorite.

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