07.25.2014 — “Heart on a Chain” by The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Heart on a Chain” by The Underground Youth (2010, from the album Sadovoya).

The Underground Youth is a psychedelic/shoegaze band from Manchester. They got started in 2009 after frontman Craig Dyer wrote, home-recorded, and digitally self-released two albums that year. Although his “live band” didn’t last long, he reformed with a different group of musicians and self-released another two albums in 2010. In 2011, they digitally self-released another album and an EP. In 2013, they released another album. That’s six albums and an EP in five years. At some point, they joined Fuzz Club Records, who has vowed to re-issue the back catalog and to release them in physical format.

I had never heard of this band until I got something in the mail bag the other day urging me to watch the video for this song. The video is pretty sweet; but first, the song:

“Heart on a Chain” by The Underground Youth

It sounds a lot like early Jesus and Mary Chain. When they were trying to make records that sound like The Shangri-Las and other 1960s girl-group pop outfits. It’s a little fuzzy and a little lo-fi. I like how gritty it is and how lovely the backing vocal harmony in the chorus is. It seems like something that might have been a b-side or an alternate track from the JAMC Darklands sessions. Something that might have been included on Barbed Wire Kisses.

Perhaps I’m trying too hard to make the JAMC connection because of the video, which is undeniably very JAMC.

Here that is:

Sadovoya was apparently the inspiration for the folks at Fuzz Club to start a label, and it’s been lovingly remastered and released on vinyl by them. You can buy it through their web shop here
You can also buy a download of the much rawer original digital version here.

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