08.01.2014 — “The Archive” by We Need Secrets

We Need Secrets

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “The Archive” by We Need Secrets (2014, from the album Melancholy and the Archive).

We Need Secrets is a shoegaze recording project of Halifax, Novia Scotia musician Chad Peck. He’s been writing and recording songs for this project in his basement for about four years. He’s been in other bands, and he runs a record label, but right now, this is his baby. Last autumn, We Need Secrets joined the Saint Marie Records family. Way back then, I wrote a post about the song “Melancholy”, when it was in a different stage of development. In the post, I wrote that “the album will be out in early 2014”, but it just got released on Tuesday via Saint Marie.

The version of “Melancholy” that made it to the album is much cleaner and well-produced than the version that I wrote about last September. It’s worth mentioning that the production team included Elliot Frazier from the brilliant Texas shoegaze band Ringo Deathstarr and Bob Weston from Shellac. Frazier played guitar on a track or two and also worked the mixing desk. Weston did the mastering. There were a few guest musicians, but Peck wrote and recorded the bulk of it himself.

There’s a point of reference that gets thrown around a lot when you’re talking about shoegaze bands. I think it’s overused and in most cases, it’s inappropriate. However, in the case of We Need Secrets, it really does sound like My Bloody Valentine. Tonight’s song is certainly an example of how the MBV sound has been a major influence on Peck. Other influences include The Swirlies and Ringo Deathstarr.

This is that song.
“The Archive” by We Need Secrets

Right out of the gate, it’s super fuzzy and super crunchy. Lots of bent notes and pitch shifting. Lots of pedals and lots of loops.

This isn’t one of those songs that I can point out a specific thing that I really love about the song. I just love the whole thing because I do.

I highly recommend getting the album. There’s a limited run of normal vinyl and there was a very limited run of clear, glitter-infused vinyl. There’s also a CD. The clear vinyl is out of stock, but the other physical releases can be purchased from the Saint Marie web shop here. You can also purchase a digital copy via Bandcamp here.

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