08.19.2014 — “Pet Carrot” by Palehound

Ellen Kempner of Palehound

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Pet Carrot” by Palehound (2013, from the Bent Nail EP).

Palehound is an indie rock recording project based in Yonkers, New York. The founding member is Ellen Kempner. She had been in other bands before, and she started this project in 2012 during her freshman year at Sarah Lawrence College. From what I understand, the lineup of the band is meant to be constantly revolving, so in essence, this is a solo project.

The six songs on the EP are meant to portray Kempner’s transition from teenager to adult, and I think most would agree that the songwriting is very mature. Each song has its own sound, and I don’t think there’s a connective thread, so it’s totally fair to have each song stand on its own. However, there’s something that seems “Canadian” about this EP. I’m reminded quite a bit of the marvelous Julie Doiron, and there’s something that also reminds me a bit of the big noise from a small package that is Drawn Ship.

Palehound is one of the 160 bands who will be playing at next month’s fifth annual Hopscotch Music Festival in downtown Raleigh. I had never heard of them until the lineup was announced, and now I’m really looking forward to seeing them play at the festival. They’ll be playing on Friday night (September 5) from 10:30 to 11:30 at Slim’s. It looks like Friday night will be the hardest night for me to manage. There are lots of scheduling conflicts, so I’ll have to pay close attention to the day party schedule.

Anyway, here’s today’s song:
“Pet Carrot” by Palehound

I love how it’s relatively quiet and comes off as a fairly “cute” song for the first 1:36. It’s during this portion of the song that I’m reminded in a weird way of what Helium might have sounded like as an acoustic band. Then, the noise comes in right there and it stays a bit noisy for the rest of the song. That’s precisely what makes me think of Drawn Ship.

This is a very tidy EP. The whole thing clocks in at under 17 minutes, so you can listen to the entire thing while you’re taking a coffee break. You can purchase a digital download of it from bandcamp here.

Single-day and three-day passes are still available for Hopscotch. Check out all the different options here.

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