Lightfoils! Lightfoils! Lightfoils!


Everybody knows that I’m a big fan of shoegaze, dream-pop and noise-pop. One of the best purveyors of this kind of music is the Texas-based label Saint Marie Records. They’ve released a bunch of really good records this year alone, and one of the best of them is the debut album Hierarchy by Chicago shoegazers Lightfoils. You can expect to see that album in the top ten of my year-end list. Probably even top five. I like it that much.

You may have noticed that I’ve written about this band a couple of times before. Once this July, and once last June. I don’t usually write about a band more than once, and certainly not more than twice. There’s a good reason, though.

The band is just about to wrap up a tour that has a bit of an unusual travel itinerary. They were scheduled to play tonight (September 10) in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Unfortunately, they’ve had to cancel that show. The remaining two dates are still on schedule.

September 11 — Snug Harbor — Charlotte, NC (FREE SHOW)
September 12 — The Firebird — Saint Louis, MO

When I wrote about the release of their debut album back in July, I said that the only thing stopping me from driving to Chicago for the album release party was that I had to work the next morning and it was an 11-hour drive. Now I don’t have to drive 11 hours. It’s shorter than that by a few hours.

If you live anywhere near Charlotte, you should definitely make it down there for this show on Thursday September 11. It’s FREE. Find me there, and I’ll buy you a beer. Who can turn down a free show and a free beer? Those of you in Saint Louis will not get in the door for free, and you will not be getting a free beer from me, but you should still enjoy the show.

The Lightfoils songs that I’ve already written about are brilliant, and in case you need some more convincing or in case you’re too lazy to click through the above links, here’s another great song from Hierarchy

“Addict” by Lightfoils

You can and absolutely SHOULD buy the album in compact disc format here, or as a digital download here.

Remember… The show in Charlotte is FREE. See you there!

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