09.29.2014 — “Talking” by September Girls

September Girls

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Talking” by September Girls (2014, from the album Cursing The Sea).

September Girls is a fuzzy noise pop/post-punk five-piece from Dublin. The band’s name is derived from the Big Star song “September Gurls” (1974, from the album Radio City). They spell their name differently, though. They also, as the story goes, took the name not from the original song, but specifically from the cover of said song as done by The Bangles (1986, from the album Different Light). Okay.

September Girls formed in 2011, and early this year they released their debut album via London-based label Fortuna Pop!. There’s heavy influence from bands like The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Cure as well as the countless bands that were inspired by “the Phil Spector sound”, and even a bit of The Ramones. It’s not uncommon for people to say something like “they’re a slightly sweeter version of The Jesus and Mary Chain”. There’s a huge wall of feedback and delay-laden guitar sound backed by some very heavy-handed drumming and a bass that might be described as Hook-y. In some ways, the album sounds like something that might have come out in 1979, but in other ways, it also sounds very fresh and new.

Somehow, this very good album slipped under my radar, and I had never even heard of the band until I saw the other day that Kanine Records had welcomed the band to their roster. More to the point, the label was announcing that the band will be releasing an EP entitled Veneer on November 24. This morning, Consequence of Sound debuted the title track from that EP, and it’s very good. Check it out here.

More importantly, though, you should first listen to tonight’s song.

“Talking” by September Girls

I really love the bass in this song, just barely peeking over the metaphorical wall of sound. I’ve listened to the album and this song in particular a BUNCH of times today. Every time, I get such a thrill from the sensation of being spun in different directions simultaneously. There’s something dizzying and confusing and intoxicating and sexy about it. The guitars and vox have me spinning in a clockwise motion at one speed while the bass and drums have me spinning anti-clockwise at a different speed. I sort of wish that they had produced it such that the guitars and vox were in one channel and the bass and drums in the other.

I have to admit that the first time I listened to this album, I was in my car and I didn’t “get it”. I thought the songs were good, but I felt like something was missing. I listened again on big speakers and had a similar experience. Finally, I listened through my fancy earbuds and I absolutely loved it. The whole album, but especially this song. I’ll encourage you to skip steps one and two, go directly to your good earbuds. I’ll also encourage you to play it really loudly on big speakers, but I really think you should hear it on good earbuds first.

The album came out in January, and since I missed the boat on it, I’ve been making up for lost time by playing it a lot today.

Speaking of which, you can buy the album from the Fortuna Pop! web store here. You can also pre-order Veneer via Kanine here.

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