10.09.2014 — “All Around You” by The KVB


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “All Around You” by The KVB (2014, from the EP Out of Body).

The KVB is a darkwave/shoegaze/dream pop duo from London. Nicholas Wood and Kat Day formed in 2010 and they immediately put out a limited run cassette. Since then, they’ve released a few EPs, two LPs and a compilation record. Their smokey, synthy brand of music is almost even reminiscent of 4AD Records in 1992 and also of early 80s UK new wave.

Whatever you want to call what they’re doing, and whatever comparisons you want to make, I really like what they’re doing.

I happened upon their new EP this afternoon as I was doing some bloggy work, and I immediately liked it. The band’s name and the names of the members sounded familiar, and that made me pretty sure that I’d written about them before, but apparently I haven’t. So without further ado, this is that song.

“All Around You” by The KVB

With that bass line and the heavy synth bit, if you listened to this without knowing anything about it, you might struggle to guess the decade. You will not, however, have any difficulty in guessing which side of the Atlantic this comes from. Don’t ask me to explain. It just screams “UK” to me.

I imagine a dimly lit room with lots of smoke machine smoke. A few bursts of bright light and film projection. But mainly, just a sweaty, dark room. And that’s pretty much what this is here with them performing the song live in this video:

You can get the Out of Body EP and any of their other releases via their bandcamp page, or any other digital retailer.

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