10.11.2014 — “A Way to Say Goodbye” by Pix

Pix (Hannah Rodgers)

If you only listen to one song today, make it “A Way to Say Goodbye” by Pix (2014, from a standalone single).

Pix is the moniker for 19-year old musician Hannah Rodgers. The South London native recorded a song called “I Wake” last year under her given name. It’s a marvelous dream-folk song that sounds like she’d been listening to the Slowdive album Pygmalion quite a bit. You should really check that song out here. But that’s not why we’re here today.

Today’s song is a bit different. It’s dream-pop. It’s trip-hop. It’s folk. I don’t really know. She says she’s influenced by Joni Mitchell, Aphex Twin, and Mac Demarco, among others. That’s a pretty wide array of influences. Today’s song is heavily influenced by Cocteau Twins. More on that after the song. This is that song.

“A Way to Say Goodbye” by Pix

Rodgers sings like an absolute angel and it’s fitting that this song was born out of a misunderstood Cocteau Twins lyric. As the story goes, she was listening to the Cocteaus song “Alice” (1996, from the “Violane” (green) single). The chorus of that song is simply the name Alice over and over. What Rodgers heard was

I miss the lonesomeness I miss

Admittedly, that does sound like something that should be a Cocteaus lyric, but it isn’t. Anyway, she took it and ran with it. If you listen closely, you’ll hear that misheard lyric in the chorus of today’s song.

I miss the lonesomeness I miss

The song itself is really amazing, and I hope that there’s more of this to come. I don’t care for the way the song ends really abruptly, but that’s the only criticism I have.

I learned about this late last night when a friend emailed me a link to the official video, then immediately sent me a text saying that he’d already watched the video four times. You might also get stuck watching over and over.

The video features twin Hannahs. The one on the left is sitting there in her overalls and her hippie jewelry dancing like she’s at a goddamn Grateful Dead concert. Meanwhile, the Hannah on the right is attired more conservatively. Pay attention, though. Everything that she does, she’s doing in reverse. Eating the strawberry, playing with that weird rabbit/guinea pig thing, burning the book, rapping her fingers on the table. Everything is in reverse. That’s the part that just slays my friend who forwarded the video to me. the rapping of the fingers.

As good as this is, it’s really hard to believe that this girl is only 19 years old. She’s got a really bright future ahead of her. I certainly hope there will be an album sometime in 2015.

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