11.04.2014 — “Anything About Me” by Secret Shine

Secret Shine

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Anything About Me” by Secret Shine (2015, from a forthcoming album).

Secret Shine is a dream pop/shoegaze band from Bristol, England. They originally formed way back in 1990 and were signed to the illustrious and fiercely independent Bristol-based Sarah Records label. While that label specialized in 7″ singles, they also put out some pretty great full-length albums including the catalogs of This is That Song favorites such as Heavenly (plus the pre-Heavenly band Talulah Gosh) and The Field Mice. It’s worth mentioning that when Sarah Records was set to release their 100th 7″ record, they decided to throw a huge party for themselves, then they shut the label for good.

In the beginning, they were known as Amelia’s Dream, but by the time they started making records, they had switched over to Secret Shine. They released a few singles and EPs which were met with critical acclaim, and a full-length album called Untouched in 1993. Through the early to mid-1990s, they went through a couple of lineup changes as people had other “real world” obligations, and by 1996, they went on a long hiatus.

In 2004, the band reformed after a separate label released a retrospective collection of their complete works.

In 2005, they released an acoustic tribute to one of their members who passed away during the hiatus.

Since then, they’ve released two more albums, including a self-released record in 2011. Last month, they were signed to the amazing Saint Marie Records label, and they’re set to release a new album sometime in early 2015.

Saint Marie will soon be releasing their newest compilation, and today’s song is one of the features.

This is that song:
“Anything About Me” by Secret Shine

I think it’s safe to assume that these guys listened to, and still listen to Souvlaki a lot. Which is a good thing. There’s also something going on in the vocals of the chorus that remind me a lot of the late days of Lush. Again, this is a very good thing. Any band that uses Lush and Slowdive as signposts is just fine in my book.

Speaking of Slowdive, today’s song is also featured on a forthcoming Saint Marie label comp. This year, the compilation features 42 songs spread over three discs. Most of these songs are previously unreleased. And the third disc of the compilation is made up entirely of Slowdive covers. To bring Sarah Records back into the conversation, that was another thing that they were adamant about. They never made a compilation that featured “previously unreleased” stuff. I don’t really understand why they were so averse to that, but they were.

The compilation Static Waves: Volume 3 will be released on November 25, and it looks amazing. You can see all the details and you can pre-order the compilation here. I recommend it. I don’t know the release date of the Secret Shine album, or even the name of it. I have reason to believe, though, that they’ll have something out in early 2015. For now, order the compilation.

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One response to “11.04.2014 — “Anything About Me” by Secret Shine

  • korovazoo

    I’m a hype for this song. On Friday, I drove through the Loop and was bored. The White Sox are in a slump…and my mood is foul. Then my face brightened. I though about Secret Shine’s “Anything About Me” and I thank God it took me there. That song broke my back just like in ’90 when I first heard “Waiting for the Man” by VU. And whatever chemical was emitted through my marrow, I thank thee for said chemical (whatever it is).

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