11.09.2014 — “Where We Are” by Dissolve


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Where We Are” by Dissolve (2014, from the Dissolve EP).

Dissolve is a San Francisco shoegaze duo of Blaine Patrick and Inna Kurikova. They used to be in a band called Modern Charms. Coincidentally, there very recently used to be another San Francisco musical group called Dissolve, but that group was dubstep/techno. This band is definitely not the same.

Patrick and Kurikova have been working as Dissolve for about a year, and they’ve released a self-titled three-song EP via the tiny Seattle label Painter Man Records. That was also released by Death Records on cassette.

I don’t know anything at all about this band other than that tiny bit of biographical information. I don’t know how I stumbled upon their music, and it was actually a different song that caught my eara few days ago. I like this one much better, though.

“Where We Are” by Dissolve

That magnificent wall of sound coupled with Kurikova’s vocals is perfect for any lover of 90s shoegaze. I’m reminded a little bit of the glorious Shot Forth Self Living album by Medicine.

For extra credit, check out the official video

Apparently, they used to sell digital copies of the EP via bandcamp, but that page no longer exists. The Painter Man site lists the EP as one of its releases, but they don’t have it in their store. As much contempt as I have for this ridiculous cassette tape trend, it looks like the only place to get this is on cassette from the Death Records web store here.

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