11.15.2014 — “Beyond the Stars” by Omega Vague

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Beyond the Stars” by Omega Vague (2015, from the forthcoming album Reveries).

Omega Vague is the dream pop/shoegaze recording project of Hartford, Connecticut multi-instrumentalist Craig Douglas. To date, he’s self-released five albums as Omega Vague including a self-titled one this year. There’s a brand new album slated for release on January 6, 2015. I got something in the mailbag the other day promoting the new album and specifically tonight’s song.

I’d never heard of Omega Vague before, but I immediately liked the song because it’s like an old friend. It reminds me of Nowhere-era Ride and The Catherine Wheel and things of that ilk which are very familiar to me. Douglas lists both of these bands as influences, so it’s no surprise that he makes music that sounds like them.

So far, tonight’s song is the only preview available from the new album, but if it’s any indicator, there’s a lot of promise there.

This is that song:
“Beyond the Stars” by Omega Vague

Please note the album artwork. Even that is an homage of sorts to Ride. There’s no way to deny that the iconic album cover for Ride’s 1990 debut Nowhere was a major influence on this.

Towards the end of the song, in the bridge to the last verse, there’s a guitar bit that’s quite reminiscent of the Ride song “Drive Blind” (1990, from the self-titled EP).

You can pre-order a digital download of Reveries via bandcamp here. He’ll make a very limited number of physical copies, and those will be available for pre-order sometime in December. Again, the album comes out on January 6.

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