11.19.2014 — “Silver Phoenix” by Girl in a Thunderbolt

Girl in a Thunderbolt

Girl in a Thunderbolt

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Silver Phoenix” by Girl in a Thunderbolt (2014, from the forthcoming EP Own Your Bones).

Girl in a Thunderbolt is the recording project of multi-instrumentalist Maria Uzor, who calls Norwich, England home. Her influences range from punk to folk to psychedelic rock to northern soul to grunge to indie rock. In the press photo, note the copy of Hatful of Hollow. She also namechecks The Smiths in a terrific song called “Doesn’t Really Matter What They Think of Us” on a 2010 album called Seven Sisters. I guess it’s safe to say that she really likes The Smiths. She’s been operating under the Girl in a Thunderbolt name since about 2009. That name may or may not be a reference to the T. Rex song “Girl in the Thunder Bolt Suit”. She released an EP Songs for Modern Lovers in 2009, the aforementioned Seven Sisters, and a couple of singles before deciding to take a bit of a break. In May of this year, under the alias of Marie Tambourine, she rose to the challenge of writing and recording an album in a month’s time as part of the One Month Album project.

She has a new EP called Own Your Bones, which is due to be released on November 24 via her own label Hey Buffalo. She already has another EP recorded for later release and she’s working with a full band for the purpose of touring with Own Your Bones.

I had never heard of Girl in a Thunderbolt until I got an email a couple of days ago promoting the forthcoming EP. It was a no-nonsense email, but in it she said that her sound has drawn comparisons to PJ Harvey, Siouxie & The Banshees, and The Doors. Normally, I would ignore something if it was said to be reminiscent of The Doors, but it was the PJ Harvey/Siouxie comparison that interested me. Plus, I was fascinated by the name of the project. I liked what I heard right away, and this is my favorite song from the EP.

“Silver Phoenix” by Girl in a Thunderbolt

I love the organ in there. It’s a really nice counterbalance to the thickness and heaviness of the rest of it. In a way, I’m reminded of something, but I’m not sure what. It’s not Stereolab-ish enough to remind me of Stereolab. It’s not Glasser-ish enough to remind me of Glasser. But something in the neighbourhood of those. There’s something about the gloomy, apocalyptic timbre that makes me think of Beast Rest Forth Mouth-era Bear in Heaven.

There’s a lot of dark stuff and a lot of death imagery in this wonderful EP. It’s fitting, then, that the last song on the EP is named for the mythological bird triumphantly rising from its own ashes.

There is no bandcamp pre-order for Own Your Bones, and this will be a digital-only release. You can get it on the release date of November 24. And you should.

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