11.23.2014 — “The Devil” by Praises

Praises (Jesse Crowe)

If you only listen to one song today, make it “The Devil” by Praises (2014, from the EP Praises).

Praises is the recording project of Toronto-based dream pop/shoegaze/indie pop musician Jesse Crowe. You may already know her as one half of the band Beliefs. After that band’s self-titled 2013 album won critical acclaim, Crowe went back into the studio on her own to make a finish working on a four-song EP, which was released in April of this year via the wonderful Toronto indie label Hand Drawn Dracula. Today’s song is something that she’d already been working on since 2012, and there’s an ever-so-slightly different version floating around out there, but today’s song is the final version that made it on the EP.

There’s four songs on the EP, and two of them remind me of Wye Oak. This is one of those songs.

“The Devil” by Praises

Crowe doesn’t sound like Jenn Wasner from Wye Oak, but there’s just something about the whole package that reminds me a bit of Wye Oak. I’m sure Crowe wouldn’t object to that comparison.

I love how it starts with a bit of fuzz. By the first verse, the fuzz sort of levels off, making room for the melodies and Crowe’s strong vocals.

You can buy a digital download from the HDD web store here. While you’re there, spend some time exploring the shop. Load your cart up with other great releases like the ones by Beliefs and Weeknight.

For extra credit, here’s the video:

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