12.07.2014 — “Not Today” by Flyying Colours

Flyying Colours

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Not Today” by Flyying Colours (2014, from a standalone single).

Flyying Colours is a shoegaze quartet from Melbourne. They’ve been around since 2011, and they really turned a bunch of heads last year with their self-titled debut EP. Just a few months ago, they came out with a brand new standalone single that might put them at the front of the crowded pack of new bands emerging from the Melbourne shoegazer scene. There’s quite a lot of shoegaze coming out of Australia in general and Melbourne in particular. Just the other day, I featured another of the city’s bright shoegazing stars Lowtide.

Flyying Colours has a variety of influences that run the shoegaze gamut, from dreamy to noisy to heavy. It’s pretty clear on this song that they take a lot of cues from Swervedriver. Only they do their thing with more rounded edges than Swervedriver ever did. Swervedriver never had coed vocals like Flyying Colors does, but at one point in today’s song while Gemma O’Connor has the lead vocals, I imagine it’s what it would have sounded like if Miki Berenyi out of Lush had done some guest vocals for Swervedriver.

That said, here’s today’s song:

“Not Today” by Flyying Colours

Within the first thirty seconds, you get a little bit of everything. The intro is all guitar loop, then at 0:10, the bass and drums come in and it’s dark and angular and a tiny bit post-punk. Then at 0:20 with the wave of guitars all fuzz and delay. It’s a fantastic way to start a song with those three distinctly different flavors.

In the second verse with Gemma singing lead, that’s where I’m reminded of Miki Berenyi. Even the lyrics there sound a bit Lush-esque

I can’t help these things I’m feeling
I can’t help the way you see things
I don’t want to leave this way
(something) you could stay another day

The vocals get all caught up in the wave of guitar distortion and it’s difficult to make out how the rest of that verse goes. This also happens in the first verse when Brody Brümmer has the lead vocal. Even though I can’t make out all the vocals, it’s clearly about sex.

I’ve listened to the song over and over and I’m not getting tired of it.

You can download the song for free from soundcloud here. If you’re feeling generous, you can buy a digital or physical (CD) copy from Shelflife Records here.

There’s some bit of ambiguity about what’s on the immediate horizon for Flyying Colours. All it says in their one-sheet is that they’re working on their next 12″ record. There’s no indication whether that’s going to be an EP or a full-length album. Either way, it should be something to look forward to in 2015.

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